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Joseph Esmilla's "dumpster dive system"

Front end:


  • JE Labs "mini" - 2 x 6SL7 for RCA style phono stage and 1 x 6SN7, each half configured as an anode follower. External power supply. Line input switching via a Radio Shack audio selector.



  • Pioneer PIM16 6" fullrange paper cone with alnico magnet. Altec 804A compression driver with a partially horn loaded mounting flange "blu-tacked" [from a Coral tweeter].
  • Coral 6" paper cone alnico magnet driver aided by a Linaeum tweeter [hacked from Radio Shack LX4s] using a 1uf oil cap as x'over. The cabinet came with the driver built with 3/4" plywood "naturally aged" very dry and resonant. I changed the front and back panels. The back panel now has a rectangular 3.75"W x 1.5"H port to extend the bass. Originally, it was a sealed type enclosure. Paid $7.50 + tax at a pawnshop for the pair. Sounds much better than it looks!
  • Cheap [wobbly] Ikea stands but height adjustable.
  • Alternate speakers - David Weems TQWT with RS 40-1354

Other sources:

  • Toshiba 19" color TV
  • RCA Hi-Fi VCR
  • Harman Kardon T403 tuner

 Joseph Esmilla

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